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About Us

John Bludworth Shipyard, LLC provides a full range of shipyard services.  With a 4000 ton capacity dry dock, 1500 ft of dockside area and a 2000 sq. ft. tool room / warehouse, combined with an experienced workforce of 100 +, we have the facilities and staff to handle your service needs



The shipyard is located on an 11 acre facility on the Corpus Christi Ship Channel in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The site was formerly occupied by Coastal Iron Works who performed marine vessel repairs starting in the 40’s.  The Eastern portion of the current facility was leased by Jay Bludworth in the mid-seventies where he established Jay Bludworth, Inc.  Later he leased the Western portion of the current facility.  Mr. Bludworth performed repairs, modifications and new construction of various marine vessels.

In 1986 Jay Bludworth, Inc. was purchased by and became a subsidiary of John Bludworth Marine of Pasadena, Texas which was then owned by Jay Bludworth’s son, John L. Bludworth, III.  John Bludworth Marine , Inc. operated the yard under Jay Bludworth, Inc as a repair and new construction facility.

In 1998 John Bludworth Marine, Inc. was sold with the exception of the Jay Bludworth, Inc. facility in Corpus Christi, Texas which continued to be operated by Mr. John L. Bludworth, III.

In 1999, Mr John Bludworth, III devised a plan to invest in and increase the size and capabilities of Jay Bludworth, Inc.  A new 4,000 ton capacity dry-dock was built and entered into service in 2000 to replace the old 1,200 ton capacity dock.  New cranes and equipment were purchased and put into service.  A barge crane was moored dockside and a new office building was constructed.  In June of 1999 Jay Bludworth, Inc. was formally changed to John Bludworth Shipyard, LLC with Mr. John Bludworth, III as the Chairman and CEO.

Since January of 1999 John Bludworth Shipyard, LLC has grown from 15 employees working one 8-hour shift to over 100 employees working 2 full 8-hour shifts.  Sales revenues have grown to 25 times what they were in 1999.

John Bludworth Shipyard has completed numerous minor and major repair and modification projects over the last 17 years as well as designing and constructing the 4,000 ton capacity Drydock, a Ferry Vessel, Dredge Tenders, a Cutter Suction Dredge and 48 Inland Push Boats.

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